Moon Over Miami: A Nor’Easter Interrupts Travel Plans

My son was planning on flying home today from a job in Miami. Last night, my husband and I texted him to say we didn’t think it was such a good idea, as he’d be flying into a Nor’Easter. Although my husband tends to have weather anxiety, I usually don’t panic. This time, however, I did think flying into gale force winds and rain (and maybe snow) was probably a bad idea.

We texted him to make him aware of the situation, which I don’t think he really was. After a few more texts he agreed with us and changed his flight to Saturday morning. He texted us later to say he would be roughing it in a hotel with a waterfall and a lagoon for $200.

Today we are getting texts from him from Miami. Last night he went hotel hopping and sent us a picture of the moon shining over Miami.

Today he texted a picture of a hotel and asked if we recognized it. It turns out, it is the Fontaine Bleu Hotel from the James Bond film, Goldfinger.

Sounds like he’s having a good time being a tourist. I think of him having an extra day just to enjoy being a tourist in Miami without having to work. Not to mention how awful his day would have been had he tried to fly home. There were 11,000 flights interrupted today and almost 3000 canceled in the NY/ Washington DC area. ย One pilot reported an awful descent on a plane with everyone on board vomiting.

It makes me smile to think of my son wandering around Miami while we hunker down here in the northeast! ๐Ÿ™‚

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13 thoughts on “Moon Over Miami: A Nor’Easter Interrupts Travel Plans”

    1. So nice to hear from you! Yes, thanks to us he avoided a miserable day of cancelled or delayed flights and instead spent the day being a tourist in Miami. His texts actually made me interested in going there for the first time. (I’m having trouble commenting on your posts, tho I read every one of them.)


  1. Your son is lucky to have parents to forewarn him of the impending weather situation. What fun for him to have a relaxing day to explore Miami. Those photos make me want to visit Miami.

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    1. We got so little it disappeared in no time. I think we escaped the worst of it here on the central North Shore. Not sure yet about the rests of LI…haven’t read the news yet. Blue skies today…will take a walk. So nice to hear from you!

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    1. He tried to fly home today. His plane from Miami was diverted to Baltimore where he waited several hours. The next flight got him to LaGuardia where they were unable to land so they returned to Baltimore. (Can you imagine?!) Last I heard, he was in a cab with 3 other people heading to NYC (paid for by Airline)which can easily take 4 to 5 hours. Ugh.

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  2. Wise move on your part and your son’s part as well. It was wicked here. I watched the news last night and they reported on all the cancellations. I know I would not have wanted to be in the air yesterday.

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    1. Nor I. Guess what? He’s still not back and it’s 4m. His flight was grounded and held over several hours in Baltimore. Another day gone. But at least he’s safe. The storm wasn’t so bad here on the North Shore of LI; high tides and strong gusts but minimum damage.

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    1. My son is 36 and has traveled the world…beginning with a solo trip to Botswana, Africa when he was 16. That was a hard one for me. He stayed in a tiny pup tent in a safari camp to observe the wild dog population. He encountered lions twice and had hyenas circling his pup tent every night. One followed him on his return from a visit to the outhouse. A life changing experience for both of us. I am not a helicopter parent, and texting didn’t yet exist. P.S. He is still traveling far and wide. Be strong and trust him.

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