WordPress Hell

I am not sure whether I’ll be posting tonight since I seem to have landed in WordPress Hell. I tried on my own to search for how to fix the problem but have spent hours to no avail.

Just a few minutes ago when I found the word “contact” somewhere (I don’t remember how I did), I was able to connect with a WordPress community helper who advised me to try a link he provided with my user name which had somehow been changed (probably by me without realizing it.) That link got me back into my original posting site. (Thank you so much Community Helper with whom I’ve now lost contact!)

So if I manage to get this published, I’m going to call it a day since I’ve been working on this since yesterday! This may be my shortest Slice ever!

Published by

barbara suter

I'm a retired teacher who enjoys writing and sharing in this; unique blogging community.

2 thoughts on “WordPress Hell”

  1. So frustrating but it looks like you conquered it because you posted. Maybe they’ll be reading and make their site more user friendly. I still have trouble maneuvering through their menu…cross my fingers every time I have to go into it. 🙂


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