My Friday: Quality Time Spent with Good Friends

Before I sat down to write my post today, I prepared dinner: Greek lamb burgers with yoghurt sauce, Greek salad, cole slaw and pitas. A family favorite.

Before I prepared dinner I stopped at our favorite Greek restaurant to pick up the Greek salad and yogurt sauce. We’ve been going to this restaurant for 40 years.

Before I drove into town, I spent an hour with a close friend of mine, the director of the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, catching up on each other’s lives. We shared a cup of tea and some cookies in the Sky Room, a lovely cafe housed within the Centre, named after my friend. A favorite place to visit.

Before visiting with my friend, I watched the movie, Jackie, at the Cinema Arts Centre, with another friend I’ve reconnected with in the past few years since I retired. We’ve known each other since our 20’s, but now we finally have the time to do things together.

Before we watched the movie my friend and I spent an hour having a “working lunch” together at the Cinema Arts Cafe. We are planning to launch a website together that promises to be a lot of fun if we can get it off the ground. (Can’t tell you yet what it is: it’s a secret!) We managed to discuss and agree on the working details of the site.

Before I went to the Cinema for lunch and the movie, I spent an hour or so at home visiting the TWT website, reading today’s Slices, commenting on them, and reading the responses to my own Slice.

Before I went on the TWT site, I forwarded an email to my husband asking him to print the trip vouchers that were sent to me today for our upcoming trip to Spain in May. This was exciting because the trip is starting to become a reality.

Before I went online, I sat with my daily morning coffee and perused the NY Times to see whether or not the ACA was repealed. The GOP plan was pulled because of a lack of sufficient votes. Nothing is more important than affordable health care for every single American. This is a great day for those of us who have been so diligently putting pressure on our congressional representatives. We’ve finally been heard!

Looking back over my day, it was a pleasurable Friday. I got to have quality time with two good friends; I saw a very interesting movie (Jackie); I had a nice lunch and an enjoyable cup of tea; and I will soon have a Greek dinner with my daughter and my husband…one of our favorites. Not bad for an ordinary Friday. I know how lucky I am.


17 thoughts on “My Friday: Quality Time Spent with Good Friends”

    1. The Greek dinner is one of my family’s favorites. The salad we get from the Greek restaurant is so fresh I could eat a barrelful, and their yoghurt sauce is the perfect complement to greasy lambburgers. It’s one of my favorites because it’s so easy to put together!


    1. This was not an original idea. I’ve seen it used several times on SOL, and I’ve always wanted to try it myself. It was a wonderful day…I went to bed very contented and peaceful.


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