Back On the Scale!

I might have mentioned recently that I am trying to lose weight. This is a game I’ve been playing with myself for about 25 years. I put on the weight while in grad school part-time, raising a family, and working full-time. How I found time to eat, I no longer remember, but that’s when the pounds began piling on.

I read in the NY Times Science section recently that once fat cells are added, we can never lost them. If we lose weight, they will shrink in size. But they are ready to spring right back to full-blown size if we start gaining again.

I found that to be depressing news. I also appreciated the honesty of the article because it explains why losing weight can be such a yo-yo experience. The potential for resuming our highest weight is always there…lurking. That information took off some of the onus on me. But it doesn’t change the fact that I need to be at a healthier weight.

This morning I had a flash of insight. I need to start focusing on the rewards of weight loss. The first few I thought of were:

I will no longer have to despise seeing photos with me in them
I can get some new clothes (even though I have a closetful left over from teaching)
My back will probably not bother me as much
I will be less prone to a recurrence of cancer (since cancer “loves” sugar)
Maybe I won’t have to continue wearing bathing suits made to hide fat deposits

This will be a change in attitude for me if I can pull it off. I tend to think of losing weight as a struggle. I could never get on board with the “lifestyle change” being pushed by Weight Watchers even though I know there’s truth in it.

I just have to find my own way through this. I’m hoping my motivation approach will help. Tonight I get back on the scale. Wish me well!


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29 thoughts on “Back On the Scale!”

  1. Lots of luck…it is a VERY hard task and I wish you well. True about the fat cells being with you for life. Think about the unfortunate kids who build those cells so early in their life. That’s where we need to be educating life style changes. Ok…off my soap box…Good luck! 🙂

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  2. Good luck! I have found that if I return to something physical that I enjoyed in the past then it is much easier to lose some of the pounds. Never knew about the fat cells. Disheartening but it makes sense. Shoot, if only we knew that years ago.

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  3. Wish my mother knew this when I was a baby. I looked like a Buddha, every time I made a sound, I think she fed me. Thanks mom, not! Good luck on your journey and new outlook. I’m trying to adjust my cooking and eating too.

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    1. It’s a struggle…and not for the first time. I’m trying to think positively, but I’m still in a new phase and I’m still missing certain indulgences. Like tonight…for example…I’d love to have a beer to celebrate St. Pat’s Day!


      1. Sorry….what I meant was give yourself little rewards along the way. Set small goals to reach your main goal, but give yourself surprises to reach each. It works for me!

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  4. Clearly your topic resonates with so many! I almost wrote a similar post today. It’s so hard! And I think your first reason really matters — you deserve to look at pictures of yourself and smile. Good luck, lady!


  5. Hi Barbara! I too have just started a journey to lose weight, though I have struggled with it my entire life! I have started my own blog hoping it will help to motivate me to keep going! I am looking for people just like me, who feel like the “diet” world has let them down. I am hoping to find inspiration from them and hope to provide inspiration to them! Keep up the good fight, I enjoyed your post!


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