There’s No Escape!

The weather was supposed to be exceptionally nice on the weekend so my daughter and I planned an outing. We would drive to one of our local beaches near one of our favorite walks so we could combine our two favorite passions: sunbathing and walking/bird watching.

My daughter has a demanding work schedule so she was really looking forward to relaxing, and maybe even napping in her beach chair. We piled our two sand chairs into her car trunk, made sure we had the requisite sun lotion, sun glasses, binoculars for bird watching and (for me) reading matter. Off we went.

Although there were more people than usual at the beach on a winter’s day due to the warm temperatures, it did not seem crowded. We scanned the clusters of bodies on the beach and selected a spot we thought would be quiet and distraction free.

No sooner had we settled into our chairs, than a family group arrived with two small dogs. And where did they choose to congregate? You guessed it! Right in front of us at the water’s edge. We thought they’d move on, but they seemed perfectly happy where they were. They weren’t terribly noisy but we were looking for a quieter space.

After ten minutes, we decided to move to another spot farther away from the center of the beach where we were sure we’d have peace and quiet. Having just settled ourselves back into our chairs, we suddenly heard two voices directly behind us. Two little girls, whose parents were some distance away on the beach, decided to camp out right behind us to play on a boat rack which they used to jump on and off. In between their jumps and sisterly arguing, they would yell across the beach, “Look Mommy…..” This went on for about fifteen minutes making it impossible for us to close our eyes and just relax.

So…you guessed right…of course we moved again. This time we moved back almost to where we had started since the original family cluster that disturbed us had moved on down the beach. Meanwhile the sun was beginning to set and the air was suddenly becoming much cooler. We put on our jackets, turned up our collars, and nestled into our chairs hoping to grab the final fifteen minutes of the sun and maybe even some peace and quiet.

Moments later we heard a loud buzzing sound that startled us. It sounded like a lawn trimmer, but we were on the beach so that wasn’t likely. We scanned the beach and then looked upward. A drone was hovering above us! In disbelief, we looked at each other and started to laugh.


Clearly there was no escaping the intrusions of suburbia on this lovely day. There were too many of us with different agendas trying to share the same small beach.

We watched the sun reach the horizon, packed up our beach chairs, put them in our car trunk, and set out on our sunset walk. Meanwhile, all our other distractors were also leaving the beach. Five minutes into our walk we heard a buzzing overhead. The drone had followed us on our walk!


20 thoughts on “There’s No Escape!”

  1. Barbara, your post made me chuckle. I too seem to be a magnet to such distractions. This has happened numerous times at restaurants. To the extent that we’ve asked the hostess to give us a new table in hopes to escape the nonsense. ~Amy

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  2. I understand it was not funny during your time at the beach but the slice was funny to read as I pictured you moving each time a distraction appeared. Knowing that finding peace is not easy you are able to cherish the moments when it does happen.


  3. This has happened to me often – a desire on a Sunday afternoon to just sit in my backyard when a neighbor decides it’s time to mow the lawn! But.. haven’t I done that to them too?
    Funny thoughts!


  4. It’s all about attitude. You and you daughter could have been upset and complaining about things therefore missing out on the beauty of the day. Instead, you chose to go with the flow and find the humor in the things that happened. Good for you.

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  5. I have to chuckle, Barbara. So many times have I moved because I didn’t want to share space! But then that drone… well, that was a bit much! And no sooner had I read your words then I saw an interview with Workhorse CEO, a report about UPS drone testing in Florida for rural deliveries. The new phrase, “drone delivery.” It’s green. 3 cents per mile. Driverless. Park the truck and deliver. Are we ready for the “buzzing overhead” 😦

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    1. Definitely not! It’s an invasion of privacy (since they are often equipped with cameras; they are noisy and distracting; and why do they have the right to “our” air space. Is nothing sacred?!!!!! πŸ™‚


      1. I agree!! I feel that way about google maps making public photos of my home property with arial views and street views with the click of an address.

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      2. I was horrified when I first learned about Google maps. It’s such a total invasion of privacy. I cringed when I saw the house where my daughter was living in California on my computer screen knowing anyone has access to these images. It’s scary.


  6. What a day! The final straw had to be that obnoxious drone. I’m not liking where this is heading these days. But on a pleasant thought, how nice to be able to visit a beach in February.


    1. Yes, it was an unusually pleasant winter day. But the general trend is warming, and I, too, am “not liking where this is heading.” Nevertheless, when the weather is this nice it would be ridiculous not to take advantage of it (knowing we’ll be paying a big price for it down the road). As a family we do what we can to not contribute too much to climate change: recycling, more energy efficient cars, using utilities at off-peak hours, even drying most of my clothes on an indoor clothesline! When the people who control our lives are in denial, this begins to feel almost futile…yet we continue to do what we can.

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