Walking,Talking and Planning

What is it about being outdoors on a beautiful day like today that makes the impossible seem possible?

Today was such a day. My daughter and I took one of our favorite walks along the bay on one side and the marshlands on the other side of the road. As we began our walk, she began talking to me about some of her ideas. If you’ve read some recent posts of mine, you know she is struggling to find a job and some meaning in her life.

As she talked I felt so grateful that we have the kind of relationship which allows her to share her joys and her sorrows so honestly with me. I felt grateful for the beautiful scenery we were walking past that included the sighting (by her) of two dozen or more great blue herons, deep in the marsh, perhaps resting and fishing as they migrate to who knows where.


I felt grateful that I could walk the distance with her; sometimes, these days, I cannot. I felt grateful that we will always have these moments to look back on and for her to store in her memory for when I’m gone.

She talked; I listened. She talked some more; I continued to listen but also made some small comments. She continued talking; I responded. By the end of our walk she (we) had shaped a plan for the next two years (my suggested timeframe) that would allow her to take some small steps toward pursuing a dream she is holding. “I think we have a plan,” I said to her. “One that combines your knowledge, your passion, your limitations and your strengths.”

We walked back to our car and each of us sat silently as I drove home, no doubt thinking about our walk, her plan, and this gorgeous day we shared.


23 thoughts on “Walking,Talking and Planning”

    1. If it’s any comfort to you, we went through a rough patch, too. It’s them, not us. We just have to wait it out and not give up on them. You’ll get there…it just takes time, and a lot of listening!


  1. I grew up being told that seeing a blue heron meant good fortune was on its way, Barbara. I hope your sighting meant that for you and your daughter. What a peaceful walk and conversation that seems to have meant so much for you both. Wishing best wishes to your daughter!


  2. There is something magical about walking and enjoying nature. I love how you listened and let your daughter do most of the talking as she worked through her thinking. You are lucky to have her there.


    1. How lucky you are to have a heron family in your neighborhood. I never know when I will get to see one, and I am so pleased when I do. You are the second person to tell me they are good luck!


    2. Yes, I am lucky. I wish I’d had someone to listen to me; but then again, I was afraid to say anything, much less what I wanted. Heck, I didn’t even know what I wanted. I think that comes of being first of eight children.


  3. We have a heron family that lives on an “island” in the pond in the park near my home. The middle of a city isn’t an ideal home for them, I don;t think, but they seem to thrive there. I don’t see them often, but when I do I always think it is a sign of good luck.


  4. How lucky you are to have a heron family in your neighborhood. I never know when I will get to see one, and I am so pleased when I do. You are the second person to tell me they are good luck!


  5. I love this whole post- it felt so relaxing and reassuring to read. I’m so glad that you listened and then helped Christine form a 2 year plan that sounds perfectly crafted. Of course, you will be here for a long, long time- but I see you thinking about the memories you and Christine will be making that will be with her always. I am especially close to my mother and can’t even fathom a day where she isn’t at the other end of the phone when I call. Yet, we know life moves us in this direction. So making memories and appreciating fully time together is so important.


  6. Thanks for your soothing words, Kathleen. Yes, I am aware of “making memories” as we go along, but I don’t do it intentionally…just with awareness as it happens. And I, too, felt the same way about my Mom not being on the other end of the line, and I still feel that particular loss every once in a while. And, yes, the inevitable will happen, but meanwhile make the most of the time you have. I’ve been enjoying your photos on Facebook. Both kids look very spunky and happy! See you soon, I hope.


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