OMG! I Forgot About Writing My Post Today

It’s nearly 6pm and I’ve had a pretty mellow day. I got up and read the responses to my post as I usually do while eating breakfast. I post at midnight so it’s always fun to know there will be comments waiting for me.

Then I went to my Chair Yoga class which has become a staple of my life. It’s just the right amount of stretching for this out-of-shape body without having to get on and off the floor as in a regular yoga class.

Next I thought about having lunch at a nearby beach with my daughter today on her lunch hour. She just started a new desk job where she literally doesn’t see out a window all day so I thought she’d enjoy that. But I realized I had left my cellphone at home so I couldn’t call her to ask if she’d like to meet me at the beach.


I had about an hour before I had to be home so I thought I could squeeze in a quick trip to the local CVS store (pharmacy/misc. hygiene items) to use my 20% off coupon before heading home to call my daughter about lunch. Nothing is easy to find in the store anymore. There are sections everywhere, but each section has about 500 choices. So I had to comb through 500 different kinds of shampoo to find the right one; 500 different kinds of eye drops all promising different kinds of relief…you get the picture. I finally located the last item and rushed up to the counter with my stuff and my coupon.


The young man efficiently added up all my purchases then told me to put my card with the “chip” into the device. No response. I pulled it out and tried again. Nothing. So I offered to change credit cards and tried a second one. No response. I then resorted to my bank card, also with a chip. Nada.


Now I was beginning to get anxious because I knew I was running out of time to contact my daughter. So I wrote a check. The device that they pass the check through rejected the check. My anxiety was turning into visible frustration. The clock was ticking. This kind of thing never happens on days when I have unlimited time. It only happens when I have a deadline, of course!

Remembering my post about the importance of “balance” in our lives, I began to talk myself down from the anxiety I was feeling. It will all work out, I told myself. Calm down.

All the purchases had to be reprocessed in a different machine. By this time I had given up on lunch at the beach. It just wasn’t going to happen. I got home and called my daughter, leaving a message to call me back. She did 5 minutes later.

“I decided to stay at work an extra hour, so when I return from lunch my afternoon hours will be shorter, she said. “Do you want to have egg sandwiches at the beach?” I asked.

“No, I’d rather come home.”

Problem solved. And now, although I had completely forgotten to write my post earlier, it’s done.

Slice is written; balance is restored!



20 thoughts on “OMG! I Forgot About Writing My Post Today”

  1. I’m totally confused. It says this post was written on March 9, but I’m reading it at 9:42 p.m. EST on March 8. And your Iditarod post has March 8 as the date. What am I missing?


  2. Sometimes I “publish” my post on Word Press before midnight. Then when the TWT post comes on I publish the post on the TWT site. It’s never happened before that anyone on TWT has seen my post for the next day before midnight. Of course it must have been confusing. My post tonight, after midnight, will be the OMG! I Almost Forgot to Write My Post. But now you’ve already seen it! I wonder if this will happen again. Please let me know. If it does I’ll have to stop publishing it earlier.


  3. You gotta love when those complications come in the midst of a plan or upcoming appointment. I tend to plan out every moment of my day so I could easily feel my anxiety rise for you. I’m so glad that things worked out ok.


  4. Good to find balance … something about the egg sandwiches at the beach stood out to me as I read your piece. I don’t know why but that is the detail that keeps running around in my head. I want egg sandwiches on the beach.


    1. Always interesting…the details that stand out to readers. We have a nearby deli that makes great egg sandwiches with bacon on a roll. It just kinda’ became a tradition when we eat lunch at the beach. Wish you could join us!


  5. Great post with a lot of action. I was in CVS yesterday looking for something in the medicine aisle. I wandered the aisles back and forth not finding what I was looking for. I went to the pharmacist to see if they carried what I was looking for and he said yes, but could not tell me where I could find it. I finally found it and luckily it was a buy one get one.


  6. How annoying that the machine wasn’t cooperating with your cards! A day that you describe as mellow seemed to have several bumps along the way before balanced was restored. Balance is good!


  7. Breathe, that’s the idea, I guess. What a pain to have that happen with all your resources. And obviously it was their machine! Glad it was resolved, and you managed some time with your daughter, too. Best laid plans. . .


    1. Isn’t technology wonderful? I curse it at those times when it causes me inconvenience or frustration. But I love the fact that we have this community that otherwise wouldn’t exist!


  8. Glad you squeezed this one in just in the nick of time. I enjoyed reading your story and could relate to your frustration. Love your idea of ‘balance’. I’m also recently retired from teaching. 🙂


  9. If I saw your post just before midnight, that means I’m up too late. I’m NOT retired! But do not change your routine on my account! : )

    I, too, have felt the frustration of losing an hour at CVS. Everything and nothing, all at once.


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