Goodbye to the World of Winter, Hello to Spring Surprises!

That first line should read: Today my husband and I…

Teaching for Life

Today my husband took our Sunday walk which we try to do, weather permitting. I have been trying to convince him that taking an hour or two to “check out” of the challenging routines of our lives is necessary for mental and physical health. Today we definitely experienced the transition between winter and spring right in our own neighborhood.

Goodbye to…

A frozen harbor. This has been one of the few winters since my childhood which has actually caused the harbor to freeze for weeks at a time. Today…no ice.

Winter ducks. For months my daughter and I have been tracking the migratory visitors to our harbor. Today we saw two new kinds of ducks: Buffleheads and American Black Ducks. Another interesting pair turned out to be two Brant from? Soon they will leave and continue their migration.

Gloomy skies. I must say this has been one of the gloomiest…

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