Lost and Found

About a month or two ago, I wrote about two objects I love dearly, which I lost. One was a red knit hat which I always wore when out walking in the cold weather. It made me feel happy to put it on because it was such a colorful contrast to the grayness of winter.

I keep waiting for it to show up, but now I believe…the hat is gone for good 😦

The other object I lost was a beautiful handmade writing folio, given to me by one of my oldest and dearest friends about three decades ago. I cherished it because of the skill that went into making this binder, crafted by a young woman I once knew in California, and because it was such a special kind of gift to receive: A gift that said, “You are worthy of this special item.”

I searched for the portfolio diligently for several weeks, but then began to realize I would have to get used to the idea of having lost it, since it was nowhere to be found. I tried to tell myself to “detach,” in the Buddhist sense of the word. After all, things do come and go in our lives, so we can’t stay too attached to them. I have become better at embracing this philosophy, but this particular loss still deeply saddened me because of its connection to my now deceased friend who gave it to me.

You guessed it…the portfolio reappeared in my life just a few days ago. I was going through some boxes of papers in my bedroom and suddenly there it was at the bottom of a pile of mail, and notebooks, and other detritus. I could hardly believe my eyes. I lifted it from the box and immediately felt someone in the universe was taking care of me. I felt that my dear friend was sending me a message. It was a a very amazing, completely unexpected outcome.

There’s one more piece of good news in the Department of Lost and Found. After nearly six weeks of attending Weight Watcher’s meetings, watching myself gain and lose the same 2-3 pounds, I finally achieved the 5 pound mark (plus almost another half pound)!

This probably seems silly, but even though I lost only a few pounds, I found new confidence. It has been very difficult to start this weight-loss journey. I wasn’t sure if I had the strength to stick with it, but today I feel like I can keep going. One day at a time….

Oh, and one last discovery…an object I “found” on a walk today with my daughter. Another positive message from the universe…to Ed.

I hope Ed, whoever he is, found it, too!

Lost and found, lost and found…. The dance of life!