This Is the Story of a Newborn in a Bar!

I suddenly realized that I haven’t blogged in several few weeks. It’s completely unlike me to do that since I’ve been blogging regularly for about four years. But here’s the thing…I have a new grandchild! So this post was actually written a week or two ago, but here goes…

Wynona Jane is about three weeks old now but had a difficult entry to this world. Her Mom and Dad went to great lengths to create her and she will most likely be my one and only grandchild. So, of course, I adore her.

She lives in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn so I don’t get to see her very often. In fact, this weekend will be only my second visit with her. When she was in the hospital I didn’t get to see her or hold her because she was briefly in the NICU so I don’t count that as a visit…just a viewing. She’s home and fine now and keeping her parents awake all night.

I started a “grandma journal” in which I plan to write about fun things to share with her. My first and so far only entry was about our first official visit with her two weekends ago when we all took a walk with her in her stroller around the notorious Gowanus Canal neighborhood. Formerly one of the most toxic supersites in the country, the neighborhood is now undergoing the rampant cleanup and development that is happening in many cities. I told Wynona the story of how we visited a local restaurant for Easter dinner and as soon as we arrived she started crying.

My daughter-in-law became nervous and was thinking about leaving the restaurant when my son said: “I’ll take care of her.” He scooped her up into his arms and brought her to the bar area so we could order our dinners. When I next looked up, he was sitting at the bar with her in one arm, feeding her, while sipping a martini and chatting with the bartender!

I hope Wynona will enjoy this first family story. I no longer have any doubts that this child is in good hands!


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25 thoughts on “This Is the Story of a Newborn in a Bar!”

  1. Such a gorgeous story and probably a moment no one would have noticed, but your his mum. This is where you get to see all the years of teaching and nurturing begin to shape another. A very special time for you. Congratulations!!

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  2. This is a great slice. I can already imagine the collection growing as you amass these small moments for your treasured Wynona Jane! I’m so glad to hear that she’s home and thriving and that your son is a natural! Congratulations to all!

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    1. Yes, the idea for the journal was spontaneous and is proving to be very motivating and fun. Instead of logging all the details, as I did for the journals I kept for my own 2 children, I plan to log the quirkiness of our family which should prove to be more fun!


  3. Congrats on your new title grandma! It’s a wonderful role. And to start a grandmothers journal! What a wonderful idea. I must try this to capture all those sweet moments.
    Hope to hear more if your grandma moments here.

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    1. No doubt I will resort to grandma stories from time to time on this blog site. The idea popped into my head because I kept journals for both my kids, so I thought…Why not? I’m taking it less seriously so it should be fun!

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    1. Actually, her Mom is the outstanding story writer in the family. She has written many short plays and a couple of screen plays. So there is no doubt in my mind that this kid is going to have a vivid imagination and a gift of gab!

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  4. I love the idea of a grandma journal; how smart of you to start it up right now! And the image of dad at the bar, already so confident as a new parent. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face this morning with your post!

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    1. I’ve been missing you, so it’s good to hear your voice. I am sure some grandma stories will be popping up from time to time. Our nickname for her is little dragon since she makes squeaky noises at times!

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    1. My baby books were so serious…I felt compelled to record as much as I could. But this journal is different! It’s for when I feel in the mood and there’s something worth sharing to write about! Thanks for your encouragement.


    1. He, is, indeed. Much to my amazement because he wouldn’t talk much about the experience beforehand. But it’s clear he’s taken on the job with gusto! Glad you like my grandma journal idea. It’s fun!


  5. Congratulations! I love the idea of your grandma journal and will try to remember that one when I become a grandmother. And what a cute story about your son and granddaughter in the bar!

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  6. What a great story. Sounds like your son is a natural! I am thinking of your grandma journal. What a great legacy this will be for her in the future. I am sure it is something she will cherish as it will be one of a kind and written with love.

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  7. I was hoping to hear from you even ‘tho I have been delinquent of late. Yes, the grandma journal has struck a chord with many readers. I hope you are right that she will cherish it. I know I would!


    1. So nice to hear from you!  I inexplicably stopped writing in early spring and haven’t written a blog since. But I’ve been thinking about it. I do miss certain “voices” and often have a topic which makes me think “Gee, that’s something I could blog about….”  Maybe soon. How have you been?


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      1. Great to hear from you. I am doing well enjoying my days in Texas and subbing a couple of days a week. My writing and art routine have fallen to the wayside and that is frustrating but I try not to let it ruin my day and write when I’m inspired. Take care! 🙂


  8. Glad to hear you are still writing when the spirit moves you. Maybe that should be my mantra as well instead of worrying about a sustained weekly effort. Let’s check in again down the road.


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