And So It Begins….Signs of Spring

As I am waiting for my first grandchild in a few weeks, I guess it’s not surprising I am interested in new birth in nature. I took a walk in my favorite park today and guess what? I had just been wondering whether any of the birds who live there had yet built a nest. Sure enough, no sooner did the idea pop into my head, than I came upon a Canada Goose nest. I know it’s hard to get excited about a goose nest, but our swan lost its mate last year, so sadly the annual swan nest is empty. Besides, the goose actually looked so lovely on her nest with her mate protecting her nearby.


I decided to collect a few more photos of signs of spring.  Spring starts very slowly here in the northeast. In fact, signs of spring are downright tiny in this neck of the woods. Since my retirement, I miss taking my class of English Language Learners for a Signs of Spring walk, so I’m sharing my finds with you instead.

The tulip sprouts have already pushed through the ice and snow and are now several inches tall. I can’t wait for their bloom in May when the park is literally covered with them.


A real find…a pussy willow in bloom.  Rare in this neck of the woods.

pussy willow.jpg

Kids playing in the playground. What could say Spring better than that! Although it’s a brisk, windy day they no longer want to stay indoors. Their energy is energizing.


A cluster of crocuses decided to spring up in our yard. Our lawn was recently destroyed to put in a new cesspool. So good to see them persevere.


Once it arrives, Spring happens quickly in the northeast.  The next time I take pictures I’m sure everything will look entirely different. Stay tuned. What are the sure signs of Spring in your neighborhood?

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8 thoughts on “And So It Begins….Signs of Spring”

  1. Congratulations on your new grandchild-to- be! I have a new grandchild, too; she’s five months old. Like you, I am noticing “birth” and “young” everywhere. A neighbor has a new dwarf weeping cherry tree that is blossoming and never fails to make me smile!

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