I. Am. Not. Losing. Weight.

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After three months on an online weight loss plan that I thought would help me reverse the weight gain I’ve carried now for three decades, I am ready to quit. Sound familiar, mostly to the women in this writing community? Men suffer, too, but the preponderance of people hoping to lose weight appears to be women.

I had high hopes for this online program, albeit I knew very little about it when I started. The person directing the program is extremely likable and knowledgeable and I’ve interacted with him half a dozen times through a personal phone call and group calls. I had connected with the program after a serious bout of SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) that caused extreme bloat and discomfort. I even had to take a bizarre breath test to determine what type of toxic gas I was brewing in my tummy.

When I went to see my gastrointestinal doctor he was ready to put me back on strong meds. I balked. I had learned that these meds, although they do work, have side effects I could no longer live with….namely polyps in my colon and esophagus. These can be precancerous, and I’ve already had cancer. So, no thank you to the meds.

I had the good fortune to connect with the Low Fodmap Diet and my current coach. It would take to long to explain what Low Fodmap means and the biological reasons why this diet works for SIBO, but it did work for me. Within a couple weeks I saw and felt drastic improvement. So no wonder I should feel hopeful about starting the weight plan associated with the Low Fodmap Diet and with this person who was responsible for showing me a healthy way to a cure.

Despite the fact that I am keeping mostly within the caloric range I’ve been assigned, exercising more frequently than I had been doing during the winter, and tracking (mostly) the food I’ve been eating, I keep bouncing around in the same range of two to three pounds that I gain, lose, gain, lose. My guru has suggested various modifications: drink more water, eat more protein, weigh only once a week, etc. But I’m just not getting there.

My dilemma: Should I stop and find another plan? There’s a local person my friend is using and she is successfully losing weight. Perhaps I need to see my coach in person once a week/ or month. Should I keep it up on the premise some have suggested that it took a long time to gain this weight, so it will take a long time to lose it? I don’t exactly feel like a failure since I am exercising more and feeling better, but my resistance to losing weight is getting me down.

Your thoughts?

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8 thoughts on “I. Am. Not. Losing. Weight.”

  1. I wish I could help. I have kept my weight fairly constant since college, (Sorry). Kathy did shed 1 pounds but I highly don’t recommend it – she was sick, couldn’t eat, everything went right through her. Not the ideal way to lose weight.


  2. I can sometime lose weight when I am sick, and did when I had cancer. But wouldn’t you know…I got right back to my original weight and then some. It helps to know you care.


  3. Our stories are very similar. Low FODMAP has helped me, too, but I haven’t lost anything either. People tell me it’s stress. That answer causes more stress. Best wishes to both of us!

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    1. Your final lines, “People tell me it’s stress. That answer causes more stress made me LOL! I think my stress is self induced but it’s how I get things done. Interesting that like me, you had a successful experience with Low FODMAP, but less so with a diet plan. I wonder what that’s about? Thanks for caring.

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  4. I’ve gained 20 lbs of weight that isn’t shifting after having children. My youngest is two. It’s hard because I don’t like where I am but don’t have the energy to do anything about it. Meanwhile my clothes fall to rags as I continue to refuse to buy new ones…sigh


    1. Hi Danielle, The only advice I can give is to try to get it off. I’ve carried my weight for way too long (3 decades) and regret it. Having said that, during those child-raising, full-time job years, I, too, didn’t have the energy to do anything. I tried a couple of times and then failed. Get yourself some new clothes meanwhile. You deserve to!!!


  5. I am sorry that you are struggling. I’ve been working on weight loss too, and it is so frustratingly slow- and then you have an illness or injury that cuts into your exercise, and it wants to zoom right back up. Hopefully, the fact that you are feeling physically better will help pep you up and keep you going. It takes a really long time to get your body to adjust to a new and lower benchmark weight. Good luck!

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    1. Thanks so much for your heartfelt empathy and encouragement. It does help to know that others have and do struggle with this. But, yes, overall I do feel a bit better and after a talk with my weight coach today I definitely haven’t yet given up.


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