Exercising to Celtic Fiddling


(Above is one of my family’s favorite fiddlers, Natalie MacMaster, playing Cape Breton style Celtic fiddling with her uncle Buddy MacMaster.)

My back has been seizing up the past few days…not sure why. I’ve been walking more than I was a month ago, due to the nicer weather. And I have been going to my chair yoga classes 2x per week, most of the time. Tonight it started to become almost unbearable, so I knew I had to do some stretching.

I quickly put together stuffed peppers for dinner. I already had cooked the rice and cleaned and softened the peppers last night. All I had to do was sautee and season the ground turkey, mix it with the white rice, add some chopped tomatoes and seasoning, top it off with shredded cheddar cheese, and add some crushed tomatoes to the pan to keep the peppers from drying out as they cooked in the oven.

Meanwhile, in the living room, my daughter had been revving up her violins which is something she hasn’t done in quite a while. She was playing some lively and sonorous Celtic music by memory. I was amazed that she could still do that. I finally found my way to the living room floor and as soon as my body hit the floor I could feel how out of alignment it was. My torso was almost in a convex position. I knew I had to ease my back muscles to the floor to accomplish anything that would help my back, so that is what I worked on first. Meanwhile, C. kept fiddling.

Slowly I worked out this enormous kink in my back, got my torso to rest against the floor, and began stretching my legs and back in various, very gentle ways. Usually I prefer quiet when I am stretching but I was really enjoying the live music and the fact that she was having such fun playing it.

I squirmed around for a while longer, then just let my back hug the floor and let go. The music had taken over my brain and I just let myself go with it. I lay there for another 5-10 minutes enjoying the relief. My daughter was almost done playing her fiddle.

How lucky am I to have my own personal spa, complete with live Celtic fiddling. Maybe next time we can do Bach or Vivaldi together. By the way, the stuffed peppers were delicious!

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barbara suter

I'm a retired teacher who enjoys writing and sharing in this; unique blogging community.

4 thoughts on “Exercising to Celtic Fiddling”

    1. Natalie MacMaster is definitely one of the all time greats of Celtic music. She lives on Cape Breton. Riverdance is an amazing step dancing group that dances to amazing Celtic music. It’s a very energizing and happy kind of music.


  1. Ahh…the power of music! I kept nature music playing softly in my class everyday, all day long! I truly believe it had a calming affect! (Warning: Classical music does not work-too many crescendos and decrescendos.) šŸ™‚ Glad you had your own personal spa!

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