What I Will/Won’t Miss About Winter

When Spring arrives…
I will miss the holiday season with family and friends
The warm glow of the fireplace as we sit reading together
The seasonal meals made from basic winter fare

I will miss the silvery blue sunsets visible from my front door
The bones of the naked trees against the wintry sky
The times when we are alone in the park during our walks

I will miss the quiet of the outdoors and the earth at rest
The dinners eaten in the den as we watch the nightly news
The warmth of a good cup of coffee on a chilly morning

When Spring Arrives…
I won’t miss how early the darkness descends on the earth
How short the days can sometimes seem
How long the nights can last

I won’t miss the lust for light that is so pervasive
The lack of time for being outdoors
The feeling of being stuck inside for days on end

I won’t miss the empty birdbath
The empty gardens in our yard
The prevailing colors of gray and brown

I welcome all seasons with anticipation
But I’m never sad to see them end.

Published by

barbara suter

I'm a retired teacher who enjoys writing and sharing in this; unique blogging community.

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