Babies and Brides: It’s That Time of Year!

For the past two weekends I have attended baby showers. I hosted one of them for my not yet born grandchild. The second was hosted by friends and colleagues of my daughter-in-law in Brooklyn. Tomorrow I’ll be attending a wedding shower for the daughter of a close friend of mine. Needless to say I’m about fully showered at this point.

Even though I am not big on “girlie” events, all the events have been lovely. Fortunately we didn’t have to play Baby Bingo, or make paper hats decorated with ribbons for the Mom-to-be, or any of those silly things people often do at showers. For the shower I gave there were ten of us including myself and the mom-to-be. The only thing I asked the guests to do was to write a couple of lines of wishes or advice for the new Mom on a card I provided to each person, to be read by the expecting Mom at a later date. The luncheon was delicious, especially the white sangria and the flan dessert. The gifts were very sweet and generous. It was a very intimate and warm occasion.

Last week’s shower, about which I also wrote a Slice, was attended mostly by my son and daughter-in-law’s friends and colleagues in Brooklyn.  It was a potluck affair, no silly baby games, just a lot of great conversations with a bunch of smart, hip young people who were beyond friendly to the grandparents.

Tomorrow, I think, will be more traditional. My friend, the bride’s Mom is very sentimental, traditional and Greek! It will be a big party, with lots of good food and drinks, and plenty of high spirited celebrating. I expect to see and meet a lot of relatives. I just wrapped the gift and signed the card. Now the only thing left to take care of is me. I will make myself party ready in the morning for the noon celebration.

All of this celebrating has had me thinking a lot about rites of passage. When we are young all we can think about is getting through school, finding a partner and a career, and having a family. Now it’s time to sit back and watch the fruits of our labor ripen and enjoy the rest of the journey as much as possible. Now, I just have to await the arrival of our first grandchild which is just around the corner. Everyone who is a grandparent tells me it’s the best rite of passage of them all!

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