LI Civic Leaders Join Forces to Preserve Their Quality of Life

I knew I had to go to this important meeting tonight (Monday).  We, the founders of Save Huntington Village, were invited to a gathering of the reps of local civil groups on LI to discuss how we could band together to fight common causes such as overdevelopment, pollution of our resources, corrupt local government. One person joked it was a gathering of “the families.”  That was both apt and funny especially since my family is the founding group of the organization I was representing.

It is a diverse group: a young woman who is a stay at home Mom is fighting a huge development on a golf course in her neighborhood that will have a detrimental impact on local water quality; another has been fighting a mega development in her area that will severely tax local resources; one young man is the newest head of a revived local civic group; two hold jobs as town planners; two of us are retired teachers; one is a banker; another a young woman who is pursuing a degree in marine conservation.  This is a good thing, in my opinion. Because we represent various interests we will be  seeing issues through our various lenses.  It helps to have a more complete picture when creating a campaign.

The motivation for the group is to eliminate having to reinvent the wheel each time one of our groups takes up a cause.  As volunteers, we all spend an enormous amount of our own time and energy to initiate and sustain our local causes. If we could cut down on that enormous waste of an individual’s time by collaborating with others, we would then have more time and energy to devote toward getting things done.  This would be an information sharing group of like-minded individuals who would support each other’s efforts by sharing experience and information. Anyone could choose to opt out of a particular campaign if they felt it did not fit their own members best interests.

It felt good to be in the company of individuals who are genuinely concerned about the direction in which are communities are going, and who share a similar vision of preserving and protecting what is best for our communities.  For me it will be a great learning experience. Do we all share the same point of view. No? Do we all share the same values? No. But we all realize that we can get a lot more accomplished if we work together.  It’s a start: that’s all we can hope for.



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One thought on “LI Civic Leaders Join Forces to Preserve Their Quality of Life”

  1. “We can get a lot more accomplished if we work together.” How true. No one ever said that everyone in a group needs to have the same point of view or share the same values. What is important is that everyone knows that there is a need and one person can’t fix it alone. Many voices need to unite to make something happen. Good luck getting things accomplished.


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