It’s Always Something!

Today’s post will be necessarily short. Why? I awoke with a very painful left thumb joint. Never had this before. Have been having similar pain in middle finger of right hand. Something is happening…and it’s not good. Thought I’d accomplish a lot today while husband is having minor surgery. Got up early to take him to hospital. The best laid plans… groan. Does this mean I have to see the doctor? Recently I joked with a friend who asked me how I was doing…”I’m maintaining.” We laughed because we both knew what that meant. Today I’m not even maintaining…thumb hurts and somehow this week, after losing six pounds this month, I’ve regained four and I can’t figure out why. Not my best day.

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barbara suter

I'm a retired teacher who enjoys writing and sharing in this; unique blogging community.

12 thoughts on “It’s Always Something!”

    1. Yes, I had to write to my writing buddies and it did help me feel better. The scales were not faulty but I did talk to my lose-weight guru, so I’m trying a different approach. Thanks for caring!


  1. You still showed up as a writer today! Sometimes I think that showing up when things are not going well is the bravest thing you can do! I hope that your thumb feels better and you keep going, despite any perceived setbacks!


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