Tiffany and Tulips: A Perfect Mother’s Day Combination

Sometimes it’s a good idea to stay local. Having just returned from an adventurous but rigorous trip to Italy, I decided that I’d like to spend Mother’s Day at home relaxing with my family. We had a bagel brunch which I don’t in indulge in very often since it’s so calorie laden. But I love those lox! The mimosas were good, too.

In mid-afternoon my daughter and I visited our local museum, The Hecksher Museum, a small gem. The current exhibit features the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany and his contemporaries in the decorative arts. Tiffany had a studio and lavish country home in the nearby town of Oyster Bay which he called Laurelton, an idyllic escape from his hectic life in his Manhattan digs, filled with his own masterpieces. For those not familiar with him, he was, among other things, a master of stained-glass art in the late 1800s and early 1900’s.  His work can be found in museums and numerous venues throughout the New York area including the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Tiffany exhibit was small, but featured many lovely decorative objects. After examining each object, we moved on to an “activity” corner where visitors are invited to create something a la Tiffany. Although I do not consider myself an artist, I sat in front of a large white screen and created a digital still life of flowers in commemoration of Mother’s Day.

I found I really enjoyed the process of digital painting; in fact, it was rather soothing. Nothing makes me happier than the combination of art and flowers and my loved ones and today I had all three to enjoy.

We next decided to take a walk in the park outside the museum and stepped out the door into a tulip fantasia. There were tulips of all shapes, sizes and colors in bloom throughout the park. Against the background of a grayish day, the colors of the tulips were especially vivid.

It was extremely quiet in the park, just the way I like it,  with only a few other small families taking the same stroll. We were able to fully enjoy the panorama of tulips throughout the park, cherry trees beginning to bloom and the occasional colorful azalea. Even the birds were quiet today, except for two geese who honked incessantly at nothing in particular. I feel very lucky to have this lovely park within a five-minute drive, to enjoy whenever I feel like going there. It is a perfect retreat from the busier, noisier world and I am grateful for it.

The day ended with a sushi dinner at a local restaurant, my choice.  Again, the place was not too crowded so the ambient noise was tolerable.  With  lychee-nut martinis to enjoy, my daughter and I sipped them happily while my husband enjoyed his beer.  The crab/avocado appetizer was tasty as was the miso soup.  My daughter and I shared several sushi handrolls while my husband (who never eats sushi) happily enjoyed his basil chicken teriyaki.  We decided to have dessert at home: fresh pineapple with vanilla ice-cream.

It’s nice to return from a far-flung journey and enjoy the things we love most about where we live with the people we love most.  I am now waiting for the final event of my Mother’s Day: a phone call from my son and his significant other who live in Brooklyn. We agreed not to spend the day together since it would have required an arduous trip of about two hours each way for either of us. They live a very hectic city life and also recently returned from a trip to Atlanta and Savannah.  We’ll get together next weekend instead to celebrate my daughter’s birthday.

This was my idea of a perfect Mother’s Day and, yes, I absolutely do know how lucky I am.

Next week: Venice, the Second Time Around




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21 thoughts on “Tiffany and Tulips: A Perfect Mother’s Day Combination”

  1. Such a rich celebration! A reminder that the simple things of home and family, of slowing the pace just to savor the moments, is so important. I sense gratitude in every line … that makes life the richest of all.

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  2. What a nice exploration. We have a Tiffany window in our church (it’s just been worked on and looks beautiful). It’s an amazing thing to stare at, when the sun comes in through the window on Sunday morning.

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  3. Glad to hear you are back safely from your trip. Sounds like you had a perfect, and very special Mother’s Day! 🙂 I look forward to reading about Venice (which will be my second time around through you). haha

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  4. I’ve been wondering where you were, you voice was missed. But such a good reason to be gone, I look forward to your posts of your adventures. I must agree, that was a delightful way to spend Mother’s Day! It is a day to celebrate life.

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    1. “Your voice was missed” are probably the dearest words you could have said. They made me feel warm and fuzzy. 🙂 Yes, I think I appreciated more than ever what I have and that feeling keeps growing. I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day, too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I did, even though I cooked dinner because it was for my mother, I didn’t mind. The best part was talking to my son. 🙂


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