Are You a Bibliophile?

I have always loved books. My earliest memory of my relationship to books and reading is walking home from the local library as a child in Ridgewood, Queens, carrying a tall stack of books. I was probably carrying whatever was the maximum allowed number of books and I do recall usually reading them all in a day or two; then back to the library for more.  I remember having my own library card and the pride I felt in using it. I am guessing I might have been about 7 or 8 at the time.

No wonder, then, that an article in today’s NY Times caught my attention…about a bibliophile in….you guessed it…Ridgewood, Queens, NY!  He and his book collection reside in a warehouse type building in a more industrial part of Ridgewood than where I once lived. My neighborhood was predominately inhabited by people of German descent; my mother was a first generation American born of two German parents. At that time, most of the local businesses were run by Germans and German was spoken everywhere.

This dude, featured in the Times article, is a different type of bookophile.   He is an uber-Collector! Don’t get me wrong; I, too, have many collections of books throughout my house and in my basement.  But nothing like his.

(Click on the title for the complete article.)

Of course, now I have a reason to visit the old neighborhood and his warehouse.  He’s definitely unique (and maybe a little strange????)!

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14 thoughts on “Are You a Bibliophile?”

  1. Definitely, he is unique and a little strange. He has place but what happens if there is no place to keep all those books ? I wouldn’t like so many books in my home and I love reading but not that much 🙂 I get my books from the library. Regards

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  2. My books are limited to the space I have on the shelves in my office. I’m nearly out of space. This guy is a little over the top. Sounds like a great family field trip for you some Sunday.

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  3. I saw that article, too. As much as I love books, it kind of made me want to declutter – so. many. books! The part about the pool got me, too. “He installed countless bookshelves and an infinity pool…” Sounds like a poem or a fable or… I don’t know – not reality!!

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