Chaos Rules: Our Third Nor’easter in a Month

unpredictable, savage
spinning, threatening, blasting
a force of nature
March madness

So far March has lived up to its reputation as  “coming in like a lion.” Three nor’easters in four weeks has probably set a record. In my lifetime they’ve been known to occur very rarely, and once a year at most.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve come to enjoy them in a weird way. I like it when things shut down and people are forced to stay home and engage in family life, when the birds in my yard seem to become especially active as though they are looking for their last meal on earth. I enjoy watching them sit in the snow-laden branches of our hill of rhododendrons where they perch like ornaments.

I realize this is my personal effort to slow down the world. Political events are happening at lightning speed, as are local civic developments in our town. Everyone is doing their best to try to stay ahead of the news but we are all exhausted in our efforts. There’s no longer any “down time” as we watch the nightly news bringing the latest national or international catastrophe into our homes. These events are often “unpredictable, savage, spinning, threatening, blasting” much like nor’easters.

Yes…even nature’s normal cycle is distressed, bringing us weather events of heretofore unimagined proportions. They are a mirror image of the human events that we now hear about and experience every day.

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barbara suter

I'm a retired teacher who enjoys writing and sharing in this; unique blogging community.

One thought on “Chaos Rules: Our Third Nor’easter in a Month”

  1. Like you, I love those snowstorms that forces me (and everyone else) to stay home and calm down. The news gets me so worked up for our future as a nation, the next generation, and my family that I can only watch it about once a week. I’m not an ostrich sticking my head in the sand, but I look for calmness and joy in my everyday life. I’m going to the beach today to fish, bury my toes in some warm sand, and walk in the water…no radios, no phones…just Salt air, Sand, Water, and Wind…all behaving harmonious at this time. Enjoy your Winter Wonderland Day…surely this will be Old Man Winter’s last hurrah! 🙂 This sounds like I’m bragging…was going to erase it all but I love your posts and enjoy our comments back and forth…I’m not bragging.


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