Retirement? What’s That?

It’s 9:50 pm and I just finished doing the dinner dishes. (We are a family that usually runs late.) In a short while, after I finish writing this Slice we will watch a series on Netflix that we’ve gotten addicted to: Kromo. It’s a dark story about a couple of biologists in Argentina who discover the local waters are being polluted by the chromium waste being dumped in the waters by a local tannery. I am fascinated by the topic and the landscape which is completely foreign to me.

Before that, I sat with my husband and daughter and watched a TV Special about an amazing violinist, Lucia Macarelli, who was featured on the HBO series, Treme. We ordered tickets to a concert she will be giving in our town in November as a fund-raising concert for Ch 21 on Long Island.

Before that, I made chicken fajitas for dinner. Chopped the onions and peppers; sliced the chicken cutlets into strips for sautéeing; prepared the yellow rice for cooking; heated up the roasted tomato red-pepper soup; tossed a salad from a prepared salad mix; cooked the rice; sautéed the vegetables; sautéed the chicken; added the fajita spice and served it up buffet style on the kitchen counter. (This is what my family considers “fast food.”

Before that my daughter and I took a brisk walk on one of my favorite paths along the shore of the LI Sound. We spotted a few canvasback ducks diving and feeding in the choppy water. Then we hastened back to the car because it was very windy and cold.

Before that my husband dropped me off at the local beach near our house, so I could join my daughter for a late afternoon walk.

Before that my husband and I spent over two hours driving through various neighborhoods in our town, distributing fliers to folks identified as being sympathetic to our cause: Fighting overdevelopment in our town. We had several really nice conversations with couples who’ve lived in Huntington for a long time and who feel as outraged as we do about the state of affairs.

Before that my husband looked up locations of names and address we had been given to canvas on the internet, so we could divide our work into neighborhoods. While he did that, I wrote notes on the fliers we had prepared, and highlighted important facts and dates on the fliers.

Before that I ate breakfast/brunch prepared by my husband as he does every Sunday…blueberry pancakes, sliced unsweetened peaches, 2 strips of turkey bacon and a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar on the pancakes. And let’s not forget those 2 delicious cups of coffee with steamed and frothed milk on top.

Before that I opened my computer to see who had responded to my post yesterday, replied to those who had, and commented on some others.

Before that, while my husband was cooking breakfast, I speed-read the Week in Review, my favorite section of the Sunday NY Times.

Before that, I got up late…because it’s Sunday! I immediately smelled the scent of pancakes and fresh coffee which helped me get out of bed.

Before that I don’t remember because I was still asleep! And that…ladies and gentlemen, is a Sunday in the life of a retired teacher. Whew!

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barbara suter

I'm a retired teacher who enjoys writing and sharing in this; unique blogging community.

10 thoughts on “Retirement? What’s That?”

  1. “Before that” I love that structure. Sometimes I wonder how I ever had time to go to work, now that I’m retired! Love this.


  2. Perfect structure for a day filled with activity! I hope your fliers will generate a fire within so there will be many voices protesting the development. Lucky you to have a delightful breakfast prepared every Sunday.

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