Acrostic Slice

S o many intriguing writers to choose from
ove the variety of structures used by Slicers
cannot imagine life without Slicing weekly
C ommunity is what I’ve found at TWT
E very Slicer is a valuable member of the community

O f all my weekly activities, Slicing is best
F inding special Slices is a second favorite

L earning new ways to Slice is fascinating
have “met” so many incredible writers
F riendships are easily made online
very Slicer and every Slice matters!

Published by

barbara suter

I'm a retired teacher who enjoys writing and sharing in this; unique blogging community.

18 thoughts on “Acrostic Slice”

  1. I agree with Michelle. Writing entertaining, unforced acrostics is difficult for me too. Your slice today captures all that’s great about slicing with the TWT community. Thanks for the uplift

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    1. Becoming part of this community has certainly changed my life. You put it so well, “Until you experience it….” And your comments when I first began definitely had a powerful effect on me. So thank you, again, for that.

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    1. And I’ll add to that…you never know when a Slice is going to be a hit. I’ve gotten such positive feedback today from a Slice I thought was pretty routine… I think it’s because we all have pretty much the same feelings about this community and love to share them. Thanks for your heartfelt words…”Love this tribe…and your slice!”

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  2. So clever, Barbara! Such a tribute to TWT and this community of slicers. Funny, but it’s not easy to explain a blogger friendship to non-bloggers. See you tomorrow!

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