Finding Balance in the Small Things

This will be my final post in my 3-part series on the “importance of small.” Did I know I was writing a mini-series? No…it just happened. It happened, I think, in response to the feelings I was having of being overwhelmed by the BIG issues in our world.
In response, I instinctively turned to the “small” issues to re-center my self (centering is my OLW).

Did I know I was re-centering? No…it just happened. It was an instinctive move toward balance that was missing in my daily life. First, I turned to nature and wrote about my walks in the park, greeting the “regulars,” which now includes me. Then I wrote about a small visitor who came for an hour-long visit and restored a feeling of joy and fun in my life. I’ve also written recently about how I’ve turned my focus from national issues, to the very threatening issue of over-development in my town, causing me to re-focus my lens.

Yes, there’s a new lens on my camera for now… a micro-lens. Today I was going to write about something small but amazing I found on a recent nature walk, but instead you got this post. (Next time!) This post reflects a different me, turning more inward. I’m usually “out there” spinning around in the universe.

For now, I’m happy to have both feet planted on solid ground!

(find spinning globe @ “Find out where you will live someday”)

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barbara suter

I'm a retired teacher who enjoys writing and sharing in this; unique blogging community.

10 thoughts on “Finding Balance in the Small Things”

  1. These things that you have been sharing may be small but I think they are the really important things — taking care of yourself, getting to know a little one next door, and saving your community. Now I’m eager to see what new “mini-series” you will write.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my recent posts about “small things” and for your encouragement to create more mini-series. It was a fun experiment…one that I didn’t realize I was engaging in until I was actually doing it!

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  2. Sometimes it is the small things that bring joy, and when added up the small things become the biggest source of strength.


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