Fighting To Take Back Our Town!

I’ve been so involved in a recent bout of neighborhood activism, that I completely forgot I had to compose a post today.  My daughter and I just finished correcting some flyers a friend had copied for us in which she made a significant error. Sitting at the table with the white-out bottle, we felt like two revolutionaries at work in our political cell.

The issue is over-development in our town. The previous town board was very corrupt and made back-door deals with a lot of developers and town lawyers.  The result is there are dozens of plans in the works, some already in construction, for apartment buildings to be squeezed in every nook and cranny of the town…adjacent to and, in some cases, on precious wetland areas.

The construction has been going on for the past year or two, but at a much slower pace.  Suddenly, several stories are being added on to one-story shops in town, and mega-apartment buildings are rising everywhere.  Those of us who love our suburban town, in all its splendid funkiness, are alarmed.  At this point in time we can hardly ever find a place to park, the traffic is dense and unsafe, and the open space is closing up quickly.   Developers are making a ton of money, and when they are done, they will move on to the next neighborhood…the next town.

I know we are not alone.  Friends in other towns on LI are seeing the same thing happening.  We have reached a tipping point; our quality of life is seriously threatened.  I’m worried about the pedestrians who have nowhere safe to walk, the bicyclists who have nowhere safe to cycle, our children who cannot afford these very expensive apartments and must either live at home or leave the area completely.

I know there are larger issues happening all over the nation and I care deeply about them.  But right now, my beloved town needs me and anyone else willing to fight for a moratorium on the rampant over-development. It will take a village to turn this trend around. This is definitely not how I thought I’d be spending my precious, carefree days of retirement!

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12 thoughts on “Fighting To Take Back Our Town!”

  1. Although national problems are of concern it is important to tackle local issues. It seems that so many back door deals are made these days with no concern except how can someone line their pocket with this deal. It is up to the community to play watchdog. Good for you and your daughter and all others who take an active part in trying to right what is wrong.


  2. Yes, there are national problems but it’s just as important to take care of problems in one’s own backyard. Stand tall and let your voice be heard. I hope it works out for you!


    1. The wonderful thing about being 71 years of age is that I’m not afraid to say what I think, in a nice but firm way.
      Thanks for your encouragement…this is a long journey ahead.


  3. This same thing is happening in TN as well – not sure they are back-door deals, but over-development just the same. Good for you for being involved. I hope this effort is successful in slowing the growth!


  4. Local activism matters SO much – it’s these stories that make up the larger, national whole, and we cannot bring change outside without bringing it close to home. This is so inspiring, and sad, and alarming, and insightful. I hope to find you at a later post, maybe a Tuesday down the line, with an update. I also really love your uplifting, attention-capturing title. Definitely made me want to read more 🙂


    1. Good to know that the title captured your attention. I’m also touched to learn the many emotions I touched in you when reading the post. You will definitely be hearing more about this as we continue our activism efforts. Thanks for all your encouragement.


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