Great Job Fellow Slicers! A Celebration Acrostic Poem

Here I sit on the night before the end of the March Challenge and I don’t know what to say. My daughter and I took a beautiful bird walk today, but I’ve already written about those walks. I’m not into writing about politics tonight…just not in the mood. And I’m no longer actively teaching, so no ideas about that.

So I’m resorting to a device that’s worked for me in the past…an acrostic poem.

G  ee, can it really be March 31st?
 emember how long ago March 1st was?
E  very day in March was a challenge
A  ll month I have wondered what to write next
T  hen an idea suddenly popped into my head

J    oin me in celebrating the friendships we’ve made
O  nline communities like this one are unique
 efore we part, I wanted to say best wishes to all

 ome of us have learned some valuable things
L  ess is more when you’re writing a slice
I  have never learned that lesson!
C  an you tell us what you’ve learned this March?
E  very post is a message from a Slicer’s heart
R  eflecting on this past month all I can say is…
 o many writers, so little time!

Great Job Fellow Slicers!

Published by

barbara suter

I'm a retired teacher who enjoys writing and sharing in this; unique blogging community.

21 thoughts on “Great Job Fellow Slicers! A Celebration Acrostic Poem”

  1. “Less is more when writing a slice
    I have never learned that lesson”. That’s great! Hahahha me neither! Acrostic poems are sure wins. They are welcoming and comfortable and yours is no exception. Great job to you too, fellow slicer!


  2. This month creates a unique community of kindred spirits. Your poem celebrates those connections made. You are always too kind when you comment on my space, I appreciate your words. On March 1 it seemed impossible to find topics every day, but in a snap it’s over and another year with the goal met. Congratulations, too!

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  3. Thank you, Barbara, for being my blogging friend. I am, in your words,”celebrating the friendships we’ve made” at the end of this month.

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