Back to Weight Watchers…One More Time!

I was so happy that I lost almost ten pounds just before the holidays. I had joined Weight Watchers and was diligently following the program.

Then…overconfident…I decided I would “take a short break” during the holiday season. There’s no doubt about it; the Christmas season is one of the best for good things to eat.
I thought I’d probably gain back a few pounds. No problem. I thought it would be easy for me to start up the program again.

But, now, more than two months later, I got on the scale the other day at the doctor’s office. I was horrified to see that I was right back to where I started lat fall. I was upset for a few days, but I knew what I had to do.

So, off I went to Weight Watchers this morning. It’s a humbling business, this weight control stuff. There were so many women in the room (and one man) who want so badly to lose weight; you could see it in their faces. I reregistered, bought myself a box of tiny chocolate/caramel bars, for those urges which are sure to happen, and listened diligently to the lecture.

I fought my way back from a nasty bout with cancer a year ago. I am proud of the work I’ve done to recover. There’s one more piece of “healthy” that I haven’t yet put into place. It will be hard; I know the drill. But I also know it will be the best thing I can do for myself. I can’t do it alone, so you’ll probably be hearing about this difficult journey I’m about to take. Baby steps….


21 thoughts on “Back to Weight Watchers…One More Time!”

  1. Baby steps are the best because they get you there slowly but steadily. 🙂 I’m riding in your same boat but I’m trying my hand at being the captain. I look forward to your hints and suggestions.

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  2. I find it helps me to think “eat healthy” instead of “lose the weight” … Eat healthy makes me feel positive; lose the weight makes me feel negative. It’s how I maintain. Here’s to your success, each day, one at a time.

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    1. That’s exactly Weight Watchers new motto, this is not a diet; this is eating healthy (badly paraphrased). That helps. but for me it’s still a struggle. When I start to feel the loss I’ll start to feel better. Thanks for the encouragment.

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  3. Just like we “slice” with a community to help us as writers, we take care of ourselves in a community, like Weight Watchers, in order to support one another. One of the most helpful quotes I ever got from WW was “Nothing tastes as great as being thin/healthy feels.” THAT came to mind every time I was tempted to “cheat”! Wishing you success on this journey!

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  4. You will lose the weight because you have determination. Battling weight is a lifetime endeavor, I relate to your words as I am working on that same goal. Best of luck to you!

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  5. Hang in there Barbara! It’s the hardest challenge, because we must eat to sustain life, unlike other addictions that need to be stopped completely. Surround yourself with support, and please know you have many people cheering you on!


  6. I think the number of comments on your post is a testament to how many of us struggle with weight and healthy eating! I’m also recently back on the ww bandwagon. This time I’m finding it helpful to focus on lifestyle changes rather than “sticking to the program”–hope you find success and peace!

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    1. Thanks for your encouragement. It’s daunting at first to become familiar with the online program: figuring out points, learning to use the new online system, tracking food and exercise. I know things should settle down in a couple of weeks, hopefully. I’ve never succeeded in transitioning into “lifestyle change” but perhaps this time I will with all your help.


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