Summer Meditations

As we enter August, the days become shorter, gardens grow weary, trips to the beach become more precious, and we begin to contemplate where we will be and what we will be  doing this fall. I jotted down these “meditations” as my “song of summer.”

Summer Meditations

Summer days
Hazy thoughts
In a daze

Summer moon
Silver blue light

Summer skies
Billowing clouds
Portend storms

Summer storms
Awaken the senses
Refresh the parched earth

Summer birds
Drunk with satiation
Flit through the garden

Summer gardens
Swell with abundance
Then wither

Summer time…

Nature is on vacation


Barbara Suter
Summer 2016


5 thoughts on “Summer Meditations”

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed my summer tidbits. Now I am wondering why summer is “bitter sweet” for you. Care to share? I used to dread this time of year as I began to count the days to having to go back to work. Now, since retirement, the days, weeks just melt into each other. It’s taken a while to get used to, but I still think it’s important to stop…to savor the life we live.


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