And Now, About That Leg of Lamb…

Easter did not go at all as planned. One of the high points was to have been the roasted leg of lamb accompanied by roasted potatoes and asparagus with crushed hazelnuts. My son is a lamb lover, so this meal was planned especially for him.

Instead, he and my husband were struck down by food poisoning from a new restaurant we were trying out the night before Easter. No food for two days! That left my refrigerator still crammed with most of the treats I had bought for Easter, including the leg of lamb.


The Easter bouquet is already showing signs of wilting as is the marzipan lamb that nobody wants to eat because it is so weird looking. (It was bought as a semi-joke by my son from a traditional Italian bakery in Brooklyn.) It sits next to the pile of New York Times on the kitchen table which means we are back to our usual messiness.


We have managed to consume many of the dyed Easter eggs, but even that was a bust. Unable to find the Paas food coloring that is our standby, we had to settle for another version which produced very pale-looking mediocre colors. I refer to them as our pastel eggs. Now comes the challenge of what to do with the remaining hard-boiled eggs as we’ve already had our fill of egg salad.


The Easter baskets have been ravaged leaving only the remains of a headless chocolate bunny. There are strands of Easter “grass” throughout the house, in places you’d never expect to find them. How does that stuff migrate so easily? In a couple of days these baskets will be returned to the attic where they reside permanently.


The last of the guests left this am. My husband drove my son and his gear back to Brooklyn, toting a painting my son bought in Africa that had been hanging in his bedroom for the past fifteen years. Kate left Easter night so she could get to work on Monday.

Today I will roast the leg of lamb that never got eaten, along with the trimmings. The wind is blowing ferociously outside as a reminder that it is still March. In a few moments I will end this post in order to get ready for my Chair Yoga class. Easter is now officially over, taking its place amongst so many memories, but with its own unique stamp. Only two more posts, then on to the next adventure!

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14 thoughts on “And Now, About That Leg of Lamb…”

  1. Great description of “the aftermath”…but I’m sorry to hear that parts of your holiday didn’t work out as expected! Some of your leftovers are left over with regret, and some of them show the fun that was had.


    1. We had the lamb dinner last night and it was great. The house was filled with the aroma of garlic and rosemary for hours. The next adventure? I usually have something up my sleeve, but right now I still have to get through two workshops I am presenting. Then I can get down to the real business of retirement…enjoying myself!


  2. The Easter that wasn’t will go down in the Suter family history book. I hope your husband and daughter will enjoy the lamb. Can you freeze cooked lamb? I’m not a lamb lover, so I know very little about its preparation. If you can freeze some, your son could enjoy a taste on his next visit out. As for those eggs, how about potato salad or deviled eggs? Enjoy all your treats of the holiday.


  3. Actually, the lamb was never frozen and we had it for dinner last night. The house smelled fantastic as waves of garlic and rosemary filled the air for several hours. We seldom eat lamb, but enjoy it roasted or on the grill. Deviled eggs are a good suggestion. I was the one who always brought in deviled eggs when we had our Friday teacher breakfasts. Now that chapter is over and on to the next. Looking forward to tomorrow’s farewells with a tinge of sadness. The month seemed to go slowly then BAM…it’s over!


  4. I love this – only the remnant of the holiday remain. So well written – with the pictures and everything.

    I’m taking down my Easter decorations today. I’m over it. 🙂


  5. It is amazing how plans made can be changed in the blink of Ann eye, or a mouthful of food. Although things did not work out as planned, glad to know your son and husband are over their bout of food poisoning.


  6. Easter surprises, but just what you didn’t expect. I like the leftovers you’ve mentioned, the headless chocolate bunny & that sweet marzipan lamb, forlorn and forgotten. But, sounds like the cooked lamb was a treat, and life will go on. This time, I had an Easter brunch because it will be the Easter when my daughter had a broken leg! Memories cement further when “surprises” are there I guess.


    1. At least they are manageable surprises; nothing catastrophic. And life will go on. In fact, it already has. I’ve enjoyed your comments during this challenge. Thanks for sticking with me.


  7. Thanks for seeing that! It’s what I try to do these days…not let the small stuff matter too much. Thank you for being another faithful reader/commenter on my posts this month. It’s very much appreciated.


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