The Easter That Never Happened!

If you read my post yesterday you would have thought we were having a completely enjoyable Easter weekend.  I was filled with the good feeling of having my son and his girlfriend visiting, my daughter home for the entire weekend on her new work schedule, one-half of a leg of lamb in the frig waiting to be seasoned and roasted, Easter baskets ready to be filled and hard-boiled eggs waiting to be colored.

But things did not turn out at all the way I thought they would.  We went out for an early dinner last night, to a Persian restaurant in town that I’ve heard only good things about and is not too expensive.  Things were “out of sorts” when we got there and the experience was a mixed bag.  First, we were steered away from sitting in a certain section because of a “dinner party reservation” which never seemed to happen.  Then we were seated next to a very loud group of 30-40 year olds who seemed to think they were alone in the restaurant.  We were told the special rice dishes which sounded so tantalizing on the menu were not available…none of them, so we ordered green rice instead.

The food arrived…with the wrong rice. We complained and the white rice was replaced with the green rice.  My husband complained about his meager portion of stew and was  brought some additional fare. Finally we were settled.  Following the meal my daughter tried to use the restroom but came back quickly to the table saying there was a serious plumbing problem.  She waited until they told her things were fixed; she returned again.  They were not fixed.

We paid and said that although the food was tasty, the experience was like going to a restaurant that had just opened and didn’t have “its act together.” My husband complained later in the evening of having an upset stomach, but we all went to bed in anticipation of Easter and all the goodies that were still in store for us.

This morning my husband announced that he hadn’t felt well all night.  My son eventually appeared to say he had become miserably sick at about 5am and spent the morning vomiting in the bathroom.  Oddly enough, my daughter, my almost-daughter-in-law and I were ok which is strange because we all had the same things to eat at dinner.

It’s now 5 pm.  My son has been unable to move off the couch or recliner all day; his skin pallor is awful.  My husband has been stretched out on the recliner in the den all day, and just told me an hour ago that he had begun to feel worse than he did this morning.  So I am sitting outdoors blogging, trying to catch the last rays of what was a beautiful day.  The eggs are not colored; the lamb was not roasted.  There was no Easter egg hunt.

At 6 pm we rallied; quickly colored the eggs which turned out terribly pale. Kate and my daughter had a 10-minute Easter egg hunt, Kate’s first ever.  Kate then took the train back to Brooklyn while my son stayed behind to recover.



I did make the frittatta this morning for myself, my daughter and Kate, and it was delicious.  But it just wasn’t the same without the guys.  It’s a good thing we had such a good day yesterday or this Easter weekend would have been a complete disaster. This will probably be the Easter we’ll remember and talk about for years to come.


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10 thoughts on “The Easter That Never Happened!”

  1. Oh no! I had a feeling the restaurant experience was not going to turn out so well! I’m glad you could celebrate Easter at least a little bit. I hope everyone is feeling better by tomorrow.


  2. I was thinking that your Easter table looked too pretty…the baskets with the chocolate bunnies reminders of days long gone (thought I still have my Easter basket from my growing-up years). That restaurant had a serious plumbing issue. You all are lucky you didn’t end up in the hospital. Your future-potential-daughter-in-law enjoyed her very first egg hunt, though, and that is a great thing! Better health to the guys today!


  3. Oh geez! And I was just thinking how it was so lovely all the fun you were having the day before. Life never turns out how we plan. I’m glad Kate enjoyed the hunt and you guys made the best of it, as best you could. It does sound like a memorable Easter. Ugh. 🙂


  4. Oddly enough Barbara, my daughter and son-in-law who went to Squaw Valley before their business trip to San Francisco told us yesterday that she was in the hotel room in bed with a stomach flu. Unfortunately, her Easter morning and Holy Saturday were spent ill with no skiing or festivities. When life intersects living you just have to play the moments out.


  5. Well, it is and it isn’t. I still remember the Thanksgiving I spent with strep throat thanks to a student whose family sent her back to school the day after she had been sent home. It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and by 3 pm, I had a full-blown case of strep. I was in agony for days….104 temperature. Now that’s a memorable holiday!!!


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