Sometimes the Day Before Is More Fun Than the Day Itself

Yesterday I wrote about a wonderful storybook, The Relatives Came, and how the imminent arrival of my son and his girlfriend from Brooklyn reminded me of that story.  Well, they’re here and a full day has already passed!

I’m beginning to realize that I like the anticipation of a holiday almost as much or sometimes more than the actual event. Today was a day of random activities…all of which contributed to a relaxing, enjoyable day spent mostly together.

I awoke to the late end of that pancake breakfast I wrote about yesterday, while others had already eaten and gone on to their various tasks.  My almost-daughter-in-law, Kate, was writing a grant on her iphone, my son was at the dentist, my husband was watering his grass seed, my daughter was still asleep and I was enjoying the pancakes and the quiet in the house.

We reconnected about an hour and a half later to go for a walk, followed by a driving lesson for Kate, who has somehow managed to avoid learning to drive for three decades!  Our first stop was the local Seven Eleven so everyone could have their favorite beverage on our outing.  Do you remember when people were able to walk without a cup in their hands?  It seems so long ago.

The walk, one I’ve written about a few times on this blog, was as wonderful as it could be: the sun was shining, the air was crisp and the shoreline was very inviting. We stopped after walking a short distance, to sit on a nearby wall, bask in the sun and take in the beauty of the day.  I gazed out at my favorite view of the inlet off the Long Island Sound where I grew up.


Soon we were up and walking again. I wanted Kate, my son’s partner, to see the osprey nest I saw occupied a couple weeks ago.  There was an osprey circling above so she got to see its incredible wingspread and the striking markings of its wings. There was no sign of the nesting osprey I saw two weeks ago.


The younger set doubled back to go for their driving lesson while my husband and I continued our walk.  I needed the exercise and we were both enjoying this incredibly beautiful, calm day. Soon after we returned home.

Our next connection was for dinner. We decided to treat the Brooklynites to a nearby Persian restaurant which none of us had ever been to before. The table next to us was very loud, so it was hard for me to fully enjoy the conversation we were trying to have about what is going on in the Middle East. But the food was delicious, chicken stew with walnuts in pomegranate sauce and green rice with fava beans.

We returned home stuffed. Everyone dispersed as my husband set up for a fire in the fireplace and I did some food preparation for tomorrow’s meals. I just had to have a piece of the Brooklyn babka, shown here with the bizarre marzipan lamb confection brought from Brooklyn.


Again, we reconnected by the fireplace, my son and Kate on their iphones doing various tasks, my daughter snoozing on the couch, my husband stretched out on the recliner and me, sitting at an improvised lap desk writing my SOL.


The young couple just left to join an old school friend at a nearby bar, my daughter just woke up, my husband is now watching tv, the eggs have been boiled for egg dying tomorrow, and whatever else needs to be done will have to wait until tomorrow. The fire is burning beautifully and I feel very good about being alive to have experienced this wonderful day before Easter 2016.



15 thoughts on “Sometimes the Day Before Is More Fun Than the Day Itself”

  1. As always, wonderful details and photos for your reader. I wanted to be on that walk with you! I think you have captured the idea that the journey is often as enjoyable as arriving at the destination. Your day before Easter sounds like it was filled with wonderful moments strung together with precious family members!


  2. Sounds like a perfect day. Yes, just as Carly Simon says, Anticipation. Happy Easter to you and your family. Please tell your daughter that the necklace is beautiful and my wife loved it.


  3. I agree w/ your comment about the anticipation of a holiday being the best part. Your day sounds lovely, and it certainly exemplifies what holidays should be about–connecting w/ and enjoying one another.


    1. It’s a good thing we had such a good day yesterday. Today half the family has food poisoning from a Persian restaurant we went to last night! I’m sitting here, alone, surrounded by Easter baskets.


      1. OH MY!! Yes…that wasn’t the ending I had hoped for! I’m glad you had such a nice day before…that, and it brought back a few memories of a similar holiday with my family. May your subsequent Easter Sundays be much better than this one was!


  4. I feel such a sense of family and coziness reading your posts! It sounds like a fabulous day with your family.


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