Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance

I have devoted this past year to finding ways to restore my health post-cancer. I am lucky to live in Huntington, a very “Hip” town on LI, that has lots to offer. I now attend two yoga classes at the public library, each 1x per week and a third tai chi class at the YMCA, 2x per week. Prior to these I spent 12 weeks attending “The Livestrong Program” at the YMCA, explicitly devoted to cancer survivors. The best part: one class is free, and the other two are very reasonably priced.


The structure of having exercise classes 3 to 4x per week has helped me get back into a groove. And I’ve met so many wonderful people over the age of 60, from all walks of life, who are all dealing with personal health issues. This is very comforting and we try to support and encourage each other.

Today’s class, Moving for Better Balance at the YMCA, is free for those over 60! This class is about helping people learn to overcome balance issues they have for various reasons. The focus is on “fall prevention” since that is a big problem as people age. Once you’ve had a serious fall, your health can be seriously at risk from then on.


I hope to avoid that fate. I do have neuropathy in both feet and legs due to the powerful chemotherapy I was given, so I wanted to do something to help myself maintain better balance. This class is perfect. First we go through a series of warm up exercises; then we follow the instructor through a modified Tai Chi program. It has taken us nearly 10 weeks to master the “form,” but we have all come so far from the first day when there were a lot of wobbly legs, bodies tipping to one side, and confusion.


Apart from the exercise benefits, we have enjoyed each other’s company so much that today we talked about staying in touch about once a month to do the Tai Chi we have learned and then to socialize.

My balance will never be perfect, but I feel so much more confident about handling myself than when I walked into that exercise class 12 weeks ago. And I have a few new friends!


(The above photo is not my class, but it could be!)

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barbara suter

I'm a retired teacher who enjoys writing and sharing in this; unique blogging community.

4 thoughts on “Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance”

  1. Oh, Barbara, how wonderful that you have come to the other side! A little mindfulness meditation, walking meditation, sugar-free diet, acupuncture and homeopathy, and girl, look at you! Continued good health to you, my blogging friend!


  2. I just happened upon your tai chi post and wanted to comment. I study tai chi and feel the benefits. I hope you and your group of friends will keep it up! If not, find a way. It is a lifelong pursuit, with daily rewards.


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