Today Is…

Last night I finished a short book by Joan Didion entitled The Year of Magical Thinking which she wrote during the year following her husband’s sudden death of heart failure. Perhaps inspired by her loss and sorrow and so many Slicers who are presenting their thoughts in free-form poetry, I decided to try this strategy today…

Today is…

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

a day that will never repeat itself


Today is…

cloudy and still somewhat chilly

unlike some of the more recent spring-like


Today is…

unscheduled but full of things to do

and I am already getting a late


Today is…

another day that my lovely daughter

will soon be home for lunch and


Today is …

not like my usual Tuesdays when

I am in my Chair Yoga class at

the library

Today is…

my return to Weight Watchers

long overdue, but necessary to stay


Today is…

a multitasking day

doing laundry, cooking, cleaning

and writing

Today is…

when I’ll be doing some organizing

for an upcoming poetry workshop

I’m teaching

Today is…

already one-third over and I’ve barely begun

to tackle all the things I need

to do

Today is…

not special in any particular way

but a day to be cherished


Today is…

a day to be thankful for

just the ordinary things in

my life



10 thoughts on “Today Is…”

    1. Love your poem and the form you used. Especially like how the beginning and ending lines: “a day that will never repeat itself” and “a day to be thankful for” tie the happenings of the day together with what is really most important.


  1. We can find a lot of extraordinary when we just look at the ordinary. Love this form a and this process for looking at your day. One one little word is intent and enjoying the ordinary is what I am trying to do.


  2. Now here is a way to write a lot about a little. You really put the smallest of moments of the day into a lovely poem. I hope you add this poem to your workshop. Great structure!


    1. With your recommendation I most certainly will! In fact, it may become the model for the reflection I will ask the participants to do at the end of the workshop. Thanks for encouraging me!


  3. I love this format, Barbara. As others have said, it is simple yet filled with so much information. I can see myself trying this out very soon and can see my young students find success with it as well. Thanks for the inspiration!


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