An SOL Acrostic


As I was taking my favorite walk today along the shore of Cold Spring Harbor, NY, enjoying the ducks who appeared to be mating and having a grand old time, I came up with the idea for this acrostic:

M…any new Slicers to welcome, many seasoned Slicers to revisit

A…community of writers is ready to welcome you

R…emember to respond unto others as they would respond unto you

C…reativity is alive and well in this SOL community of writers

H…ow many Slices can you read each day?

S…licers never give up!

O…pen your heart and your Slice will follow

L…et go of your trepidation

S…eize the moment and

C…hannel your energy into writing!


24 thoughts on “An SOL Acrostic”

  1. I love this…it is a great community to share your thoughts and passions with. I love the “comment unto others”….that has always been my favorite part. Hearing what others take from your sharing. Thank you for the encouragement.


  2. I love this! I think I will share it with my third graders who are taking the challenge this year, too! It might inspire them to try an acrostic poem since that is one of the “badges” they can earn. By the way, cracked up at the idea of the ducks “mating and having a grand old time.” 🙂


    1. Please tell your students I wish them luck with their acrostics! I’d be happy to read some. Glad you got a good laugh over the ducks! They certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves.a


  3. I’ve noticed some frisky birds around here lately as well! Spring must be in the air! Love the acrostic and especially the final three lines. Thanks for some timely inspiration for all of us!


  4. I had to read your post today because I just posted one about being an Early Morning Slicer – just the opposite of your late night post. Love the acrostic approach. Well done!


  5. Love your photo- I can feel the cold. And I love that you got your idea for writing while you were out walking- a great reminder that writing ideas pop up all through our days. Great, motivating acrostic.


  6. Every line a gem and so true this month. Holy cow there are a lot of writers this year! I hope each and everyone stops by for some inspiration from you.


  7. Yes, indeed. Lots and lots of new slicers. For some reason, my “assigned” bloggers have not appeared, so I am patiently hoping they will and I’m commenting on others in the meantime. Meanwhile I’m enjoying both the new and the “seasoned” slicers like yourself!


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