The Red Moon and My Second Reiki Session

According to the the online BBC News Report of September 29:
“People around the world have observed a rare celestial event, as a lunar eclipse coincided with a so-called “supermoon”.
A supermoon occurs when the Moon is in the closest part of its orbit to Earth, meaning it appears larger in the sky.
The eclipse – which made the Moon appear red – has been visible in North America, South America, West Africa and Western Europe.
This phenomenon was last observed in 1982 and will not be back before 2033.”(

Some of you may have read my recent post about my first Reiki experience. For much of the Reiki session, my mind was focused on a special older friend who recently died and the cookbook she gave me a long time ago. Now I can’t even remember why I was having those thoughts while my Reiki master was working on my energy flow.

This past week I had my second Reiki session. (I paid for three sessions.) I was curious about whether it would be different from the first and it was. My mind was quieter and so I felt better able to “receive” the good energy that was being directed my way. My practitioner had told me at the beginning of the session that she would do the work. “Your job is to receive,” she explained.

I concentrated on trying to keep my thoughts from straying too far, while at the same time being open to “receiving” whatever was happening. With eyes closed, I experienced moments of warmth and relaxation and saw the color deep purple in my mind’s eye. When I flipped over, face down, the real relaxing began. Little by little I could feel my breathing become deeper and my body heavier. Soon I felt like I never wanted to get off the table and then the session was over!

Did I think about anything in particular this time? Yes! My thoughts were about the “red moon” or “blood moon” eclipse that my husband, my daughter and myself witnessed standing in the road in front of our house the night before. Our two young neighbors who are expecting their firstborn within the next few weeks were also outside and invited us to sit on their stoop with them. We were all in our pajamas and the husband of the young couple was taking hundreds of pictures of the phases of the eclipse. (See the above photo.) They have lived next door for only a year, so this was our first real bonding experience and it was lovely.

That moon was sending out its energy to us, and I was more than ready to “receive” whatever came my way. There’s so much going on in the universe that we can’t control and don’t completely understand like our energy and moonbeams, but it’s nice to know it’s all out there when we take the time to notice it.


5 thoughts on “The Red Moon and My Second Reiki Session”

  1. I did Reiki once. I didn’t think it was for me, but after reading your post I’m thinking it could be useful to try it again.
    I’m envious that you got to see the blood moon. We were completely fogged-in here last Sunday night and I totally missed it!

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    1. I just read your post (after I had posted mine) and want to encourage you to try Reiki again. It’s not like anything major took place, but it was a safe place to allow myself to “receive” whatever I need to heal my body and mind, still recovering from cancer this past year. As my practitioner said to me: “It’s a gift to yourself.” You certainly are deserving of that.

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  2. I was intrigued by the gift of the cookbook from the friend, whom you mourn, and how special that is, as you can enjoy their presence … and then the “receipt” of community as the moon did its magic …


  3. I am a Reiki practitioner and Reiki mind does take some getting accustomed to. It seems to me that you have had two very special sessions – the very special blood moon and the gift of reuniting with the spirit of your friend.


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