What I Won’t Miss About Summer!

Suddenly it’s Monday and I don’t have a clue what I should write about for my SOL. This is my first “block” since I joined SOL this past March. As I desperately searched my mind for inspiration I thought of a “device” I’ve used with my students to stimulate ideas. I hope I don’t sound too much like a grouchy old geezer!

Here goes:

What I Won’t Miss About Summer

Mosquitos…I felt like a mosquito magnet all summer

Lawn Services…I detest the noise from leaf blowers,
especially in the am whole trying to sleep

Humidity…because it makes me feel ill and groggy

Crowded beaches…I can now have some quiet time at the beach

Heat…I cannot take walks because I become overheated easily

Intense Sun…because I am on medications that increase sensitivity

Crickets…there’s always at least one chirping in the house

Bees…who always show up for outdoor dining

Outdoor plants…that always seem to need watering

Pool maintenance…this one’s for my husband who hates the job but does it diligently so I can use the pool for exercise

Scummy ponds…the algae has overtaken our pretty pond in our local park as it does every year at this time

Mosquitos…they are the bane of my summer!

I know that I am in the definite minority…most people love summer. But I can’t wait for cooler breezes, autumn leaves, pumpkins and squash, soup simmering on the stove and…you get the picture. I’m definitely a fall/winter person!

What won’t you miss about summer?


13 thoughts on “What I Won’t Miss About Summer!”

  1. Event though I enjoy the summer season, I found your post fun to read. The part about the mosquitoes I can relate to. For some reason the bugs loved me this summer and left many a remembrance over my body each time I went out to my garden.


  2. I am really with you! Autumn is my favorite season. Those mosquitoes love me and my daughter Megan. Poor thing gets bites that blow up so big and puffy. Bring on the cozy sweatshirts and pumpkin lattes!!


  3. Doesn’t every season have its annoyances? 🙂 There are a few drawbacks to summer, but there are many things to love too. I love the greenness the world takes on and all the colors of summer. Also the warmth makes it okay to enjoy ice cream.


  4. I’m not a fan of mosquitoes, either. I won’t miss the dust of the summer. It was so dry, and the dirt road in front of our farm was a cloud of dust every time someone drove by. Yuck!


  5. Thank you for your thought-provoking list…At the end of this particular summer, what I won’t miss is the anticipation of the first day of school in the context of my Sept. 1st retirement. Summer is over; so is the worrisome anticipation of what that first day would feel like…Onward!


    1. Don’t look back! There’s a whole, wide wonderful world outside the classroom for you to discover and contribute to. As a former teacher you have a lot of talents to share should you decide to do so. Welcome to the world of retirement!


  6. I found it interesting how different summer is here from where you are experiencing it. First day of fall and at last a cool breeze for a little while. We are sure ready for it this year! Next time I’m stuck I may try one like this too!


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