A Slice of Life Acrostic Poem

S lice of Life challenge: 30 straight days of blogging

L earning about the challenge from a friend who writes

I wonder if my writing is on a par with the other writers

C hoosing to participate is better than losing the opportunity

E nergized by what I read on the first day, I plunge in


O verwhelmed by the technology I struggle for several days

F inally I figure it out and can post in a timely way


L ike so many things in life, growth doesn’t come easily

I am so glad I didn’t give up

F or I have found a community of writers to support my efforts

E very day of the Challenge has taught me something new


A big shout-out to all my fellow bloggers who have hung in there! For those who didn’t make it, see you next year!

Published by

barbara suter

I'm a retired teacher who enjoys writing and sharing in this; unique blogging community.

21 thoughts on “A Slice of Life Acrostic Poem”

      1. You are such an inspiration! I love this poem. I love that I learned more about you over this month and I’ve really looked forward to reading your posts each day. I want to continue on Tuesdays too. It will feel so easy after blogging for a month straight! Beautiful job.


  1. Entering with the thoughts of can I do this, exiting with the thoughts I did this and I will be back. This month always has its ups and downs, but they don’t stay down long. So don’t stop at the end of the month, come back on Tuesdays. 🙂


  2. Great idea! I may use this in the next few days as I start to reflect on my slicing journey this year. Last year was MY first year, and coming back has been so much easier after a year of experience! Hang in there! Loved this slice! 🙂


  3. Loved your acrostic poem. I can relate to so many of the ideas you cited, including “L ike so many things in life, growth doesn’t come easily.” Like you, I am so glad that I have persevered. It’s been a rich, rewarding experience indeed!


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