The Den Club

It’s become an evening ritual in our house. Almost every night that we are all at home, we begin to get ready for our favorite evening activity. Each of us goes through our evening routine separately…making the bed, or getting clothing ready for the next day, or cleaning up the kitchen, or all of the above. Then, magically, around 10 pm we all don our red bathrobes and descend to the den. As a young person I didn’t watch much tv, so never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d have a den. (Den is just an abbreviation for the room with the tv in it.)

I think it was my daughter who coined the phrase “the den club.” It took immediately (because it fit so well) and thereafter we were united in our goal: to relax by watching a tv series together that we choose together. This winter was devoted to the Sopranos. Christine had never seen it, and we had watched it about a decade ago, so it seemed ok to revisit it. I was curious as to how I would like it the second time around.

Well…little did I know then that watching the Sopranos during the dreadful winter months was just what we needed to preserve our sanity from looming cabin fever. I never thought I would find the series so funny. The first time around I was intrigued by the plot development and the charisma of so many of the characters. This time around, my husband and I were able to appreciate the nuances of the excellent writing that went into the script and, of course, the magical acting of Tony and Carmella Soprano. What really surprised us was how much Christine was enjoying the experience, too. Her belly laughs at the ridiculousness of certain characters and their antics got us all laughing together.

As the series drew to a close, we began to be apprehensive about watching the final episodes…my husband and I because we knew what was coming and Christine because she didn’t want the series to end. So we stretched out the final episodes a couple of days apart, and then took the final plunge watchng the final 2 episodes back to back.

Spring is just around the corner and our devotion to tv watching may very well wane as the weather gets nicer. But for now the den club is contemplating our next series rerun…. Stay tuned!

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barbara suter

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2 thoughts on “The Den Club”

  1. I love the name the “Den Club”! What great memories you all will have of the time spent sharing and enjoying the show together. It sounds very cozy and comforting.


  2. I agree with Elsie- such a comforting and cozy image of togetherness after weathering some rough storms. Love how you all have red robes too! I was just starting to date my husband when the Sopranos were on and his sister and friends would all watch together on Sundays. Eventually, I joined the club although I had to hide my eyes at some of the scenes that I found way too disturbing. I didn’t see Adriana get murdered but the way it was described to me still disturbs me! I remember that last episode, the diner, and “Don’t Stop Believing.” Sad to think “Tony” is no longer with us. Great post! (Missed you today but glad you chose to rest!)


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